LISTEN: Billy Graham Preaching the Gospel in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1975 is the Foundation of the Amazing Success of Chip and Joanna Gaines (Gospel Light Minute #249 with Daniel Whyte III)


They are the ultimate home improvement power couple. With her decorating skills and his handiwork, their passions have been successfully merging since they wed in Waco, TX, in 2003. Since opening their first retail store, Magnolia Market, that very same year, they have spent the past nearly two decades building an impressive home improvement empire from the ground up, which includes a restaurant, magazine, and line at Target. They are the stars of HGTV’s massive hit “Fixer Upper,” which turned them into a household name, known for their ability to transform rundown properties into beautiful homes. Since the show first aired in 2013, their flagship store, Magnolia Market, has grown into a lifestyle brand that is often credited for revitalizing the small town of Waco, Texas. In 2015, they converted an abandoned Waco site into a bustling retail marketplace, complete with a bakery, food trucks, and more. “Somehow, against every odd in the world, Waco [became] a tourist destination, a lifestyle aspiration, a relocation consideration, and it’s all because of [this couple],” Texas Monthly wrote of the duo in 2016. That same year, this husband-and-wife team published a memoir that quickly became a national best-seller. Their hard work and unique dynamic continue to propel their business to new heights even as they raise their five children. Today, they are gearing up to launch their own family-friendly TV network with Discovery.

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Carlos Baerga: How Giving his Life to Christ Saved him from Losing his Family and Destroying his Life (Gospel Light Minute #97)

Carlos Baerga
Carlos Baerga

He is a former Major League Baseball player who played from 1990 to 2005. He spent most of his career as a second baseman, before moving to various positions later in his life. He has played for the New York Mets, the Cleveland Indians, the Boston Red Sox, and Washington Nationals among others. He was selected to the All-Stars three times in 1992, 1993, and 1995 and won the Silver Slugger Award two times in 1993 and 1994.

From the time he started playing, he had rapid success in baseball. He said in a CBN interview, “My career was going way up, and that was the moment that I really forgot about God — the God who gave me the opportunity to play in the big leagues. I used to be a super star. Everything was so good for me that I wanted to keep living that life.” All of his wanting for more got him just that – more drinking, more partying, more women. Little did he know, however that getting more also would cost him his family. He said, “I almost lost my family. I didn’t know the damage I was doing to myself. When you walk without God, you can be hurt at anytime.”

After several heart-to-heart conversations with a close friend, he finally understood that there was no place else to turn and rededicated his life to Jesus Christ. He said, “We’re human. We go through those moments in life that we forget about God. We think that we are Superman, that we can do things without Him. We have to realize that we cannot do anything without Him. He’s the best feeling that you can have in life. When you put everything in God’s hands, there is nothing that you can not do. He gives you the life, He gives you everything. Thank God I still have my family with me.”

Now that he is retired, he seeks to help other baseball players get on the right path with God. He said, “[The guys playing now] are the ones that need to know the words of God. Right now what I’m trying to do is to talk to the guys more about God. You know, that’s the second chance God gave me. We are here for a reason: to spread the words of God.” His name is Carlos Baerga.